Sliding doors HST

In modern construction, more and more attention is paid to large-size joinery constructions which ensure: saving space, free space shaping and providing a large amount of natural light to the rooms. The ideal design in this case is the sliding door lift system (HST). It is an innovative solution and an alternative to patio doors, providing comfort of use and modern design.

The opening system controlled by a handle, gently lifts the door wings, which move on special rolls, thanks to which, it works very smoothly and doesn’t require any effort. The possibility of installing automation in the door, allows for easy opening and closing with the remote control. Leveling the threshold with the level of internal floor eliminates the obstacle from the communication path, providing maximum comfort for the residents. The biggest advantage of sliding doors is the possibility of implementing exceptionally large glazing that will light up the interior, giving it a spacious and prestigious character.
The maximum dimensions of the door depend on the material from which they are made:

  • PVC maximum door width 6.5 m, maximum height 2.7 m (including: maximum wing surface 6.5 m2, weight 300 kg)
  • WOOD maximum door width 6m, maximum height 2.6 m (including: maximum wing surface 6.5 m2, weight 300kg)
  • ALUMINIUM maximum wing width 3.3 x 3.2 m (including: max. wing weight 300 kg), the possibility of making a corner HST door. 

To sum up, sliding door systems are a perfect combination of comfort, aesthetics and modernity. They can be constructed in many opening schemes, and open position they don’t take up space inside the room, because they are sliding horizontally, which further increase the comfort of their use.