Wooden windows are definitely a solution for customers who value naturalness, durability and impeccable aesthetics. Thanks to its flexibility and ease of processing, wood is the only material that has been used for the centuries of window and door joinery.

Current technologies and specialized machine parks allow us to produce the standard wooden joinery, as well as joinery in special shapes made according to templates. The main materials for production are selected and high-quality profiles from pine, oak, larch and exotic “meranti”. As in the case of PVC or aluminum joinery, also in wood, the customer has a wide range of profiles. Depending on the needs and functionality of the building, there are 3 types of frame thickness: 68, 78 and 92 mm.
The additional use of thermo-insulating glass packages allows to obtain joinery with the highest thermal and soundproofing parameters. Stable frames made of glued laminated wood allow for the construction of large glazing that successfully fits in with the latest architectural trends. In turn, glued mullions, panels and decorative strips give the woodwork a rustic look and perfectly match the façade of historic buildings and tenement houses. It is a natural and renewable resource, safe for the environment. That is why in many countries it has the title of noble material.

The beauty of the material with visible rings and a natural look are given by ecological water-based varnishes, which allow for coloring wood in many transparent and opaque shades. Several layer varnishing technology prevents discoloration and provides high mechanical and chemical resistance, which contributes to a much easier maintenance of woodwork during its use. Thanks to all its advantages, wooden joinery has won the trust of customers all over the world. It is characterized primarily by timeless aesthetics and unique design.