Aluminum windows are a product that is becoming more and more popular. Durability, stability, high mechanical strength for external conditions and, at the same time, lightness of the material which is aluminum, enables the construction of both standard windows and doors as well as large-size constructions and even entire building facades.
A wide range of profiles available on the market allows for the arrangement of the external part of our investment and perfectly matches the new trends in interior design.

Profiles without a thermal barrier are designed for the production of doors and internal walls that will give our rooms an unconventional and extraordinary appearance. On the other hand, profiles with a thermal barrier, i.e. so-called warm aluminum, are profiles intended for the production of exterior carpentry. In addition to classic solutions, new technologies allow you to create windows that meet the most stringent standards for thermal and acoustic insulation, making them ideal for energy-efficient and passive homes. Fire protection joinery is also used, which is based on special systems with fire and smoke barriers. For security reasons, these types of solutions are increasingly installed in public buildings and in homes for individual clients

The main advantages of aluminum joinery:  

  • stability and durability of material ensuring long-term use of woodwork with minimal maintenance,
  • a wide range of applications as: internal doors and walls, external windows and doors, sliding doors, folding doors, fire-resistant joinery, smoke exhaust flaps, winter gardens and building facades,
  • longevity and no discoloration of profiles thanks to powder coating for more than 200 colors from the RAL palette and in wood-tone shades,
  • the possibility of applying all types of glazing: anti-burglary, safe, hardened, sound-absorbing, energy-saving, colored, as well as non-transparent and decorative panels,
  • additional equipment fittings, including: hidden hinges, anti-burglary fittings, and in the case of doors: slat lock, handrail, door closer. Summing up, it is safe to say that aluminum joinery is definitely a proposal for customers who do not accept compromises, and the functionality, aesthetics and durability is of great importance to them.